Colorblind accessible clothing Branding, Advertising, Web Design & Prototyping

Qualia is a startup fashion brand with the mission of enhancing accessibility to clothing & fashion for individuals with colorblindness. The brand addresses the prevalent issue where colorblind individuals may struggle to discern if their outfits have clashing colors, causing them to feel compelled to limit their wardrobe to "safe" color schemes predominantly featuring black, white, beige, etc.

Branding as seen w/ normal color sight & red/green colorblindness

When establishing the brand's identity, the objective was to ensure accessibility at every level. The brand's color scheme incorporates hues visible to individuals with the most common type of color blindness, maintaining sufficient contrast for clear comprehension of text & images by any color-blind individual.

Color wheel guides are integrated into tags, boxes, & the online shopping experience to enable individuals with color blindness to accurately discern the color of clothing. This feature empowers them to create outfits, utilizing the tags as a reference point for each article of clothing.

The online shopping experience includes features that advance this objective, such as an outfit creation tool that assists consumers in matching colors. Additionally, the app incorporates an augmented reality feature that guides individuals to match their existing clothing items by relaying accurate color information & suggesting complementary pairings from their wardrobe.

Figma Prototypes

Ad campaigns are tailored directly at colorblind individuals, incorporating motifs such as colorblind tests & filters to convey a message of inclusive clothing. These campaigns aim not only to reach color-deficient individuals but also to resonate with their friends & relatives, promoting awareness & understanding of inclusive fashion for all.


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